Academic staff

Prof. Dan Hoofien

Professor, graduate program in clinical rehabilitation neuropsychology

Phone:  02-5881109
Fax:  03-5730137

Office Location:  Social sciences building, 2514

Research Topics: Aquired brain injury, neuropsychological and neurocognitive rehabilitation, self awareness and depression, functions of the frontal lobes

Teaching: Neuropsychological rehabilitation (51696); Mini practicum (51745); Seminar in clinical neuropsychology (51980); The frontal lobes: functions and dis-functions (51708)


הופיין דני, פרופ'
My research focuses on the long-term neuropsychological outcomes of traumatic brain injury (TBI), acquired brain injury (ABI) and neuropsychological rehabilitation. My current research topics are:
  • The relative efficacy of neuropsychological rehabilitation programs and methods.
  • Self-awareness, depression and other emotional reactions as mediators between severity of brain injury and daily functioning.
  • The associations between executive functions (functions of the frontal lobes), social conduct and cognition.
Representative work:

Hoofien, D., (2015) Current theoretical explanations of the behavioral, emotional and cognitive functions of the pre-frontal lobes. Lecture (Hebrew) presented at the Annual Conference of the Israeli Psychiatric Association.


Hoofien, D., (2015) Long-Term Effects of Out-Patient Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Programs for Persons with Acquired Brain Injuries. Keynote lecture at the annual meeting of the Brain Injury Trust, Manchester, U.K.


Eichengreen, A; Hoofien, D; Bachar, E. (2015). Empirically-based suggested insights into the concepts of false-self defense: Contributions from a study on normalization of children with disabilities.” Accepted for publication in Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association.


Heled, E., Hoofien, D., Bachar, E., Gur. E., Ebstein, R. P. (2015) Verbal versus figural fluency tests in currently ill and weight restored anorexia nervosa patients. Accepted for publication in European Eating Disorders Review.


Hegedish, O., Kibilis, N., Hoofien, D. (2014) Preliminary validation of a new measure of negative response bias: The Temporal Memory Sequence Test. Applied Neuropsychology. DOI: 10.1080/23279095.2014.940420.


Heled, E., Hoofien, D., Bachar, E., Cooper-Kazaz, R., Gur, E., & Ebstein, R. P. (2014) Employing Executive Functions of Perceptual and Memory Abilities in Underweight and Weight Restored Anorexia Nervosa Patients. Eating and Weight Disorders, 19(4), 479-487.


Hoofien, D; Salomon-Shushan, T; Weisman, D; Bar-Lev, N; Sharoni, L; Ben-Moshe, S. (2014) Examination of the Long-Term Efficacy of Three Out-Patient Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Programs for Patients with Acquired Brain Injuries. Journal of The International Neuropsychological Society, 20, S2, pp. 18.


Heled, E., Hoofien, D., Bachar, E., Gur. E., Ebstein, R. P. (2014) "Extreme Fragmentation in the Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure Test  - A Neuropsychological Case Study of a Patient with Anorexia Nervosa" Eating and Weight Disorders, 20 (2), 271-76.