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Prof. Ram Frost

Phone:  972-2-5883406
Fax:  972-2-5327529

Office Location:  Social sciences building, 2612

Research Topics: cognitive processes involved in visual word recognition and statistical learning

Teaching: Experimental psychology; Visual processing of printed words A+B; Field work: Verbal information processing


פרוסט רם, פרופ'
My research focuses on the cognitive processes involved in visual word recognition, investigating what is universal in the reading process across diverse languages, and what aspects of reading are unique to each language's orthographic and morphological system. My previous work focused on the orthographic depth hypothesis, and the strong phonological theory of reading. Presently, I am involved in a comprehensive research tracking neurobiological changes in L2 learning, and investigating statistical learning as an individual ability from a behavioural and neurobiological perspective. Most of my research is pursued in collaboration with Haskins Laboratories in New Haven, and with the Basque Center for Cognition, Brain and Language (BCBL).
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