Academic staff

Prof. Ram Frost


 Room 0605, Tel: 02-588-1779
The Laboratory for Verbal Information Processing is located at the laboratory basement floor of the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University. The laboratory is independent, and well equipped to conduct visual word perception and speech perception research. The lab comprises four experimental rooms, a large control room, and a waiting area for subjects. The software mostly used for running experiments is DMDX and Presentation. More than 1500 subjects are tested in the laboratory every year.

Noam Siegelman
Henry Brice
Tali Ben-Porat
Amit Elazar
Daphne Maayan
Amira Laufer



Neurocognitive determinants of second language literacy development:

 This research project investigates the neurocognitive and psycholinguistic parameters that affect how adolescents acquire and learn to read Hebrew as a second language. It consists of a developmental approach to second language literacy, with integrated neurobiological and behavioral measures, and longitudinal tracking as proficiency in second language reading increases. We examine whether cognitive (e.g., statistical learning ability) or neural (e.g., neurocircuits for L1 reading) factors are significant predictors of the acquisition of L2 reading fluency.

Proficient Hebrew reading: The acquisition of two lexical systems.

This research project investigates how readers of Hebrew efficiently and rapidly process, on the one hand, words that have a Semitic internal structure, and, on the other hand, words that have a structure similar to Indo-European languages. Typical experiments use masked presentation of stimuli, and monitoring eye-movements.