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Phone:  972-2-6586253 
Fax:  972-2-6513681
Email:  maya@huji.ac.il
Office Hours:  Givat Ram, Feldman building, 214
Research Topics:  Judgment and Decision Making; Probabilistic Reasoning; Riddles and Paradoxes; How Expectations Influence Experience

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Prof. Emeritus Maya Bar-Hillel

Phone:  972-2-5883404 
Fax:  972-2-5883404
Office Location:  Social sciences building, 2608 
Research Topics:  Cognitive psychophysiology: orientation and habituation processes in humans, psychophysiological detection of information, psychological testing and personnel decisions, confirmation bias in clinical and expert judgment, visual attention and orienting responses

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Prof. Emeritus Gershon Ben-Shakhar

Phone:  972-2-6414253 
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Research Topics:  Face perception, the putative involvement of the motor system in social cognition, visual processing without conscious perception, neural networks modeling of semantic dynamics

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Prof.Emeritus Shlomo Bentin z"l

Office Location:  Social sciences building, 4513 
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Prof. Emeritus Yoram Bilu

Research Topics:  Group conflicts and group decision making

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Prof. Emeritus Gary Bornstein z"l

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Prof. Emeritus Richard Ebstein

Phone:  02-5631225 
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Research Topics:  Psychoanalytic theory and its application

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Prof. Emeritus Shmuel Erlich

Research Topics:  Judgment of randomness and coincidences; probabilistic and statistical thinking (critique of significance tests); development of the concepts of probability and infinity; problem solving.

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Prof. Emeritus Ruma Falk