M.A. thesis

The M.A. thesis paper, commonly instructed by a guide, is an important part of the graduate program in all the areas of specialization. The papers written in the department greatly vary in fields and methods of research. Every student can choose his topic of interest, and choose between conducting quantitative empiric research, theoretical research, qualitative empiric research, or research of a case study.
As part of their first school year, all students will participate in the required course "Proposal for M.A. thesis". Every student will participate in the course as part of his/her area of specialization. The course is full-year seminar class which holds bi-weekly meetings, and is intended to escort students in writing their thesis paper. In addition, all first year students must attend a research seminar in which they will see ongoing research, and attract ideas and leads of further personal study.
In order for the students to finish writing the thesis paper on schedule, a senior staff member is paired up with a new graduate student. The staff member can advise, direct and accompany the student in picking an instructor and a subject for the thesis paper.
All students must find an instructor, plan the paper with the instructor, and hand in a written proposal for the paper's objective. Following approval, the student must conduct research and hand in a paper in which the research is described.

Department policy determines that all students must finish their thesis paper within a reasonable timetable. Students must stand in the following schedule:

1.      Students must find an instructor until Passover of the first graduate school-year.

2.  Students must hand in a research proposal for the thesis paper until the beginning of the second graduate school-year.

3.     The proposal must be approve until the end of the first semester of the second school-year.

4.  The thesis paper must be handed in until the end of December of the third school-year.


Students that will not meet the demand of handing in a research proposal in the beginning of the second school-year will not be allowed to start the school-year. However varied the research paper possibilities are, reasonable time put in by the student throughout the thesis is about two work days a week for a about a year or two.
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