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Advisor:  Dr. Orya Tishby 

Research Topics:  Processes of change in Psychodynamic therapy and its relationship to treatment outcome

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Maayan Abargil

Advisor:  Dr. Hillel Aviezer 

Research Topics:  emotion perception, Mechanisms of Emotion integration and perception in Parkinson disease

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Advisor:  Prof. Ariel Knafo 

Research Topics:  The genetic underpinnings of parental behavior

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Reut Avinun

Advisor:  Prof. Ariel Knafo-Noam 

Research Topics:  The role of executive functions and emotion regulation in the development of empathy in the first years of life

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Lior Abramson

Advisor:  Prof. Merav Ahissar 

Research Topics:  Language comprehension, structural priming, dyslexia

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Olga Aizenberg

Advisor:  Prof. Jonathan Huppert 

Research Topics:  Cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety disorder

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Jonathan Elizur

Advisor:  Prof. Ariel Knafo 

Research Topics:  Values, Temperament, Parenting behavior and the link between them

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Matityahu Angel

Advisor:  Prof. Richard P. Ebstein 

Research Topics:  self-regulation; eating disorders; behavioral genetics

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Advisor:  Prof. Maya Tamir 

Research Topics:  emotion regulation, morality, decision making

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Yochanan Bigman

Advisor:  Dr. Iftah Yovel 

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Noa Bigman