Programs for the Haredi sector

Due to the shortage of psychologists in the applied fields (clinical and educational) in the Haredi sector, the Department of Psychology at the Hebrew University is opening a track for a master's degree that is directed to students (men and women) from the Haredi sector. The track has recently been approved by the Council for Higher Education.
Invited to apply are alumni of the Haredi education system in Israel who studied only in Haredi educational systems and hold a bachelor's degree in psychology from an institution which is recognized by the Council for Higher Education.
The tracks will open in three areas:
A. The clinical area for adult psychology
B. The clinical-educational area for child psychology
C. The clinical-rehabilitative neuropsychology area
Students who will be accepted to the program will be integrated to the regular program tracks, along with academic support (specifically, with regards to courses on topics unique to the Haredi sector) and financial support fitting the needs of the students in the program. Due to the unique nature of this track, the number of students accepted will be limited.

For a list of Haredi institutes that are acknowledged by the Council of Higher Education click here.


Application for graduate studies at the Department of Psychology will begin on Jan. 24th, 2016 and end on February 21st, 2016.

Preliminary Conditions
- Graduation from High-school level Haredi institution in Israel.
- Bachelor's degree average of at least 80.
- Presentation of exemption from English in accordance with the requirement of the Hebrew University, details at 02-588-2882.
- Presentation of Grade from the MITAM test.
Criteria for Acceptance

a.    Applicant ranking on the MITAM test scores – fitting applicants will be summoned for an interview accordingly with MITAM score rankings and overall demand for the requested area. If taken twice, only the highest score of the MITAM will be taken into consideration. The score is valid for three years.

b.    B.A grades.

c. Recommendations – a letter of recommendation from the field of clinical psychology is required. An academic letter of recommendation is not required, but if given, can be given only from a staff member of a university or college, that has guided the applicant in writing a seminar paper, a seminar class, personal lab work, or if the applicant has worked with the recommender academically in another context. The recommender will send the letter directly to the Department of Psychology – Graduate registration coordinator.

Not more than two letters of recommendation will be sent. For recommendation form click here.

Recommenders must send letters in this format, and not later than March 9th, 2016.

d.    CV – applicants must fill attached form.

e. Statement of Purpose – Please write the statement according to the following instructions: The applicant must emphasize professional and personal motives that drove him to elect the area to which he/she is trying to apply to. We heavily appreciate professional experience that is relevant to the material studied in the area. It is recommended to elaborate on said experience when writing the letter. If certain elements of the applicant's development are relevant to his/her professional choice, these elements can be stated and explained in further detail. The letter will not be longer than 500 words, 2 pages, double-spaced, margins of 2.5 cm from all sides of the page.

f.     Interviews.

g.  Notification of acceptance/rejection.


Take note – applicants must register through the student administration office and through the Department of Psychology, according to the following steps:

a.  Registration at the student administration office is done directly through the university website with an online registration (click here)

b.  Internal application form (download here) – will be sent directly the Department of Psychology office until February 21st, 2016.

c. The applicant must send the forms (CV, statement of purpose, final or temporary transcript) directly addressed to: M.A. program acceptance board, Eti Mozes-Mizrachi, Department of Psychology, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 91905. Not later than March 9th, 2016.


Following the application stage, we will contact the fitting applicants for further interviews. The interviews will be held in May.


Notifications of acceptance or rejection will be sent via e-mail. The schedule of this procedure is consistent with all of the universities and colleges in Israel.


For further details on the application process, you can contact Mrs. Eti Mozes-Mizrachi on or 02-5883412.


The department reserves the right to change the conditions of acceptance for M.A.