Coursework from other institutions

The Department of Psychology will recommend the Faculty of Behavioral Sciences to recognize courses taken in other institutions under special circumstances for the purpose of accumulating the required amount of credits for completing a bachelor's degree in psychology. Specifically, the department will give a recommendation for such courses for which the student received a grade of 70 at least. The conversion of course grades from foreign institutions will be executed by the office for student affairs. To the extent that it is possible to do so, it is recommended that students receive approval ahead of time from the B.A. advisor for courses taken at other institutions. The advisor will review the syllabus of the course and will confirm or not confirm the course on the basis of his judgment and in conjunction with the department head and the educational committee of the department. In specific cases the advisor can also recommend that the faculty limit the number of courses completed at other institutions which will receive recognition for a specific student. Based on faculty policy, grades for courses taken at other institutions will not be computed in the student's grade point average. Nevertheless, these grades will be available for the review of acceptance committees of other institutions for an advanced degree, and these institutions can weigh the grades for these courses as they see fit.

The guidelines for recognition of coursework completed in other institutions is based on the regulations which appear on the university website, "Educational guidelines and university studies", clause 13.