To contact the Department of Psychology website administrator- huji.psych.site@gmail.com

For the Security Center (security, emergencies, parking)- Tel: 02-5883000
Contact information regarding the Department of Psychology:
Office of Student Affairs - grades, appeals -
Etti Mizrachi, Secretary of Student Affairs, Tel: 02-5883412, E-mail: etim@savion.cc.huji.ac.il
Yehudit Ilan, Assistant Secretary of Student Affairs, Tel: 02-5883407, E-mail: judyi@savion.huji.ac.il
General Office -
Sara Guy, Tel: 02-5883411, E-mail: sarag@savion.huji.ac.il
To contact the Department of Psychology Coordinator -
Rachela Shaked, Department Coordinator, Tel: 02-5883411, E-mail: rachelas@savion.cc.huji.ac.il
For monetary and budget matters -
Hana Baruch, Budget Coordinator, Tel: 02-5883444, E-mail: hanab@savion.cc.huji.ac.il
For department computers and electronic equipment maintenance -
Moty Attia, Tel: 02-5883424, E-mail: motya@savion.huji.ac.il
For experiment programming -
Yaffa Goldberg, Tel: 02-5883425, E-mail: yaffag@savion.huji.ac.il
To contact the Department of Psychology in writing:
Department of Psychology
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mount Scopus
Jerusalem 91905
Fax: 02-5881159
Contact information regarding the building:
For problems in the building (burnt out light bulb, flooding) - Tel: 02-6584411
For maintenance - Tel: 02-5883451
For housekeeping - Tel: 02-5883014
Contact information regarding computers:
For computer emergency help- Tel: 02-5883450
Communication, Itsik & Danny - Tel: 02-5881953
General contact information:
For internal mail - Tel: 02-5882828
For entry permits to the university - 
Tel: 02-5882018, Fax: 02-5882993